Your Plan.
Not "A" Plan.

The Metabolic Balance Program provides you with a highly individualized plan based on your own body’s unique biochemistry, it is designed to help you lose weight, rebalance hormones, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar levels, and more, through 36 different blood values and health assessments.

4 Steps To A Healthier Life



Lasting two days, the first step will clean and prepare your body for the rest of the program. You’ll be drinking lots of water and eating light foods without experiencing any hunger cravings.



The “strict” phase of the program. This step helps eliminate the toxins from your body and helps you build a rewarding self-discipline. This step can be 14 days or longer, depending on your goal.


Relaxed Conversion Phase

It’s a phase where we integrate foods outside the meal plan slowly but this is done differently for each person but they still have to measure their foods.



You have successfully changed your metabolism, and with it, comes vitality and confidence. This step is how you’ll maintain success for the long-term.

Healthy and Delicious

Food that tastes good and is good for you, are not two ends of a spectrum. The Metabolic Balance Program requires dedication, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love what you’re eating:


Surprised? You Shouldn’t be.


Fresh and dried.


With lots of variety.


Depending on your plan and phase.

Want To Know More?

Read the full independent study published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism: