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Bennett C.

I was overweight and not happy with the way that I looked or felt. I was tired all the time, lazy and sore. I had no confidence and low self esteem. I had heard from a friend at how quickly it worked and that you can eat real food so I reached out to Ashley, to start the Metabolic Balance program.

At first it felt like a lot of work but now I don’t really need to put in a lot of effort to stay on track. Ashley has been amazing, she helped me with more than staying on track. Her knowledge of nutrition and gut health helped get my acid reflux under better control.

The emotional support and encouragement received was immensely helpful. I now have more energy, confidence, my clothes don’t fit anymore and most importantly knowing how to eat healthy with proper portions to maintain balance has been life changing. This has been the most positive dieting experience I have ever had. I wish more people could do the same for themselves. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. You got me there, thank you Ashley.

Sarah Reid

5 months ago, Ashley Harris introduced me to Metabolic Balance. When I came to her to get started she sat down with me and went through all my medical history, explained in detail how the food prescription works, listened to my concerns and got me set up. Ashley has guided me every step of my way. She has helped with recipes, made sure I have all my supplements, shopping, and most of all when I was feeling defeated and getting down on myself she consistently motivated me and made sure I was ok.

When I started Metabolic Balance I wasn’t able to eat 3 meals a day and when I did eat I was running to the bathroom right after. I live with Crohn’s disease, Endometriosis and IBS and I had been put on multiple meal plans to try and control my flare ups and nothing ever worked. I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I just couldn’t get my weight off which was caused by so much inflammation within my body.

The beginning of my journey with Metabolic Balance was hard, I had to change my eating habits, my mentality and learn how to fuel my body with healthy foods. Now, I am I able to eat 3 meals a day, I have lost 30lbs, I look in the mirror and see strength, my inflammation has gone down and I am not constantly running to the toilet. Metabolic balance has changed my life for the better and I will continue to follow my plan and keep my body healthy from within.

Quick and Cozy Recipes for Fall

Whether you’re looking to whip up a batch of blueberry banana bread, savour a hearty bowl of butternut squash soup, or impress your guests with a delicious pumpkin hummus, this “Quick & Cozy Fall Recipes” book has all the recipes you need to make this fall season a delicious one.

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In an independent study published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Metabolic Balance Program Participants:

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August 15th, 2023
The Atomic Health Podcast Episode 4 - With Judith Dell’Anno

This week’s episode is excited to welcome the Owner of Stronger Together Studio, Judith Dell’Anno, She has a passion and vision of making is easier for parents and kids to stay active, together. “A client who had been coming for a few months now…She said she felt so safe and happy here. To me, that’s the biggest gift and exactly why we opened up.”

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