10 Tips For Pushing Through Adversity

Life isn’t a cakewalk. Challenges, problems, and difficult times are just something we all have to deal with, whether you like it or not. However, pushing through adversity is a skill like any other, and there are ways to help yourself do it better.

A quick disclaimer before moving forward: this is NOT an article about people battling depression or mental illness. Those are deep, complicated issues that we would never presume to just say “do these things and get over it.” This is merely for the people who might have some self-doubt, which is something many people struggle with.

We’re also telling you this because the Metabolic Balance Program is not for those looking for the fad diet. It’s not the easy road to weight loss, it’s the hard road to success. It’s for people who didn’t fail their diet, the diet failed them.

Looking Back

First up, we’re going to look at things through the all-knowing, 20-20 lens of hindsight.

Look At How Much You’ve Already Done

We’re willing to bet that this isn’t the first time you’ve faced a challenge, or even defeat. We’re also willing to bet that you can’t find a single person who has succeeded in every single thing they’ve put their mind to. The most successful people in the world are only there because they failed, and failed, and failed again. Until one day they didn’t.

You will always fail at things, that doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human.

Be Grateful

Not that you’re in a difficult situation, but for what you have and have accomplished.

In a recent interview, actor Michael J. Fox was asked about how he stays so positive despite his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. He said “Gratitude makes optimism sustainable.” and we think that’s pretty spectacular. If he can be optimistic, it’s hard to see how we have an excuse.

In The Now

Equipped with a positive mindset, now it’s time to tackle the adversity at the moment.

Lean On People

Let’s make something very clear: asking for help is not weakness. Full stop. Reach out to family, ask a friend, or even call up a helpline! There are tons of ways to ensure you don’t have to tackle this problem alone.

 Small bonus tip: If you want help solving the issue, ask a man for help. If you just want to vent, ask a woman. Neither is incorrect! It’s just the way most of our brains are wired!

Embrace It

The adversity is here, and you can’t make it go away by just wishing it never happened.

One of the best things that help us when pushing through adversity is knowing that we can create something positive from it. Yes, it sucks right now, but we know that dealing with it will lead to our growth as a person. Adversity creates character.

Don’t Suffer Twice

If you know an issue is coming, prepare yourself for it, but don’t resign yourself to worry. You know when the time comes life will be difficult for a little while, but why should it be difficult in the lead up to it as well? You’ll tackle it, beat it, and be a stronger person for it.

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