5 Steps To The Best Movie Night Ever!

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? While getting cozy on the couch after a long day, throwing something on, and munching down some popcorn is perfectly fine, we have some steps to make your next movie night the best one ever!

Step 1: Pick The Movie!

We’ve all done it: we sit down, open up Netflix (or your preferred streaming service), and then scroll through countless movies for an hour before we actually start watching anything.

Instead, pick out which movie you’ll watch a few days before! This will not only stop the endless scroll but will also help you plan the next steps a lot easier. You could throw a few favourites into a hat, have a vote, or maybe do a double feature!

For the kids, it’s hard to go wrong with a Disney-animated movie. Our favourites include Encanto, Ratatouille, Wreck-It Ralph, and Zootopia. We all have our favourite classics too, and maybe your little ones haven’t seen The Lion King, Aladdin, or Peter Pan!

Step 2: Get The Snacks Ready!

Movie night is usually an excuse to throw any healthy eating out the window, but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of healthy snack options, and you can find tons of them in our other blog.

To take things to the next level (and that’s really what we’re going for), match your food choices with the movie you’re watching! This could include dinner or snacks. Watching Ratatouille? While that dish can be a little tricky, and not to mention the kids probably won’t love it, we have a fun alternative! We create the same-looking dish but use fruits, whip cream, and maybe a little chocolate sauce for the kids!

Step 3: Theme Everything!

You’ve themed the food, but don’t stop there!

You would be surprised just how amazing you can make things look with just a few simple items. We usually head to the dollar store and pick up everything we need for cheap! As a bonus, this can also be another activity you do with the kids to prepare for the night.

If it’s a little too difficult to theme based on the movie you’re watching, you could also try turning your living room into a movie theatre! Add some string lights, print out some movie posters, and it will also tie very nicely into our next step.

Step 4: Tickets, Please!

Get the full movie-going experience by printing out your own tickets! You can also find ticket rolls while you’re at the dollar store.

Give your kids the tickets in advance and tell them to take special care. We like to throw up a blanket or curtain as a makeshift door into the living room and rip their tickets as they enter! Kids love it.

Step 5: Add An Intermission!

Movies are long, and depending on how old the kids are, sitting in one spot for 2 hours might be a lot to ask for.

To solve this problem and add even more fun into the night, we choose a good spot in the movie (like after a big cliffhanger) and take an intermission to do some colouring or other activity. Once you’re done, they’ll be excited to jump back in and see how the movie ends!