March Break 2023: 5 Ideas For The Whole Family!

March Break 2023 is here! While that means an actual break for the kids, we moms rarely get a week off (not that we need it anyway!).

Some families plan a vacation, some just give their kids the free time to fill themselves, and others do a bit of both! To each their own, but if you’re looking for a few ideas and activities to do as a family, we’ve got you covered!

Go To A Museum!

Just because they’re away from school doesn’t mean you can’t sneak a little learning in!

The great thing about museums is that (depending on the one you choose) the learning is hidden nicely in some fun. Places like the Royal Ontario Museum have some really awesome sections and the Dinosaur exhibit is an absolute must for kids. They will be blown away by the scale and dinosaurs are just downright cool.

Another favourite for kids is the Ontario Science Centre, and there’s really no better place to steep them in all things science! The best thing about this place is how interactive it is. The kids will be pushing buttons, turning knobs, and creating their own scientific experiments!

Road Trip To Bruce Peninsula!

You could basically pick one of Canada’s national parks out of a hat, and you’re in for some breathtaking scenery. However, driving a few hours north of Simcoe County will land you in one of the most beautiful of them.

If the kids are a little older and are comfortable with the hike, Bruce Peninsula National Park should be high on your list of places to visit for March Break 2023. Anyone for a picnic with astonishing views of Georgian Bay from the cliff sides? Yes, please.

Visit The Zoo!

Just as with visiting a museum, going to the zoo can spark a lifelong interest in animals and the natural world.

The Toronto Zoo is massive and filled with interesting wildlife from birds to hippopotamus. If you want something a little smaller and slower pace, The Elmvale Jungle Zoo is also fantastic. However, you’ll have to plan the trip a bit later, as they don’t open until May.

It’s also important to note that both of these zoos take animal care and welfare very seriously. They help save animals from extinction, habitat loss, poachers, and more, they allow for the study of wildlife and keep nature front of mind for children and society as a whole.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventure

Sticking with the nature theme, the next stop on our list is once again filled with amazing sights and breathtaking views.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventure gives you a first-hand look at our history and heritage, and gives you some Instagram-worthy picture opportunities while you’re at it! You’ll also be looking out over the top of Niagara Escarpment from Southern Ontario’s longest suspension bridge!

Have The Best Movie Night Ever!

If you’re looking to do something at home (maybe after you’ve checked out something from the list above), go all out for the best movie night ever!

From theme to snacks, there are a ton of ways to make your next movie night unforgettable for the kids. For everything you need to know, check out our movie night blog!